The Latest Interview on Channel 5, Clinton Township

Recently, I had the privilege of being a return guest on “People and Money,” hosted by Tom Hakim.  I always have such a wonderful experience talking to Tom on his show. This time around, we discuss the new book in the Miles Series, Miles and the Wren House Toad.

We also discuss my experiences as a child and my background as a writer and artist. Tom then moves onto the topic of the different aspects of the book, or the different “layers,” as I call them. Each book has so much to offer children, parents, teachers….and even foodies!

The series is not only a wonderful addition to any child’s home library, but it is also a fantastic tool for teachers in the classroom when teaching reading and writing.

I talk about this aspect of the book, as well as how the importance of time spent with family is exemplified in every book in the series.  Miles and his mother spend their time together by making traditional recipes in the kitchen, with the cherished recipe of what they make on the back cover of each book!

Later in the interview, we talk about how and why Miles was created, and of the importance of books in the lives of children who are inundated with modern day technology.

It’s always a joy to be on Tom’s show! Feel free to take look—you can view the entire interview at

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The Latest Interview on Channel 5, Clinton Township