School and children’s center visits:

Jamie often visits schools and children’s centers, not only to give readings of her books, but also to speak to children about why and how she became an author and illustrator. One of her goals is to take the mystery out of the process. She speaks of inspiration, encouraging children to ask themselves what moves them in ways that makes them want to be better people and (one day) better professionals.

She also explains the writing and art process, and how both come together to tell the story. Children hear that her story ideas are from her own life experiences, which students will also want to consider when writing their own stories in school and at home. Likewise, her art is created with a number two pencil and watercolor paint, to which most students have access in school and many times at home as well.

“If I can write a story based on my own experiences and create art with a number two pencil and watercolor, so can you!” is a prominent theme throughout Jamie’s presentations.

Jamie’s biggest message to students and teachers? “Listen to the inner voice inside you, believe in it, and don’t be afraid to share it with the world. The world will listen.”

Adult group visits:

Some of Jamie’s favorite experiences are speaking to special interest groups, such as Optimist Clubs, senior centers, parent groups, and special needs groups.

Themes throughout her presentations are often tailored to the needs of the group and can be arranged prior to the presentation. Some examples of possible subject matter include:

  • Never giving up on your passion
  • Reinventing yourself and your career at any age
  • Life lessons incorporated within her stories and personal experiences
  • Life skills
  • Using her children’s educational series within the classroom and the home

Please contact me about booking a visit.