Stories that make learning a beautiful thing.

Jamie Ruthenberg is an author, artist, and illustrator who specializes in writing and illustrating children’s books about treating others with respect, love, and empathy. In essence, the main themes are centered on characters with integrity that treat others as they would want to be treated—an invaluable lesson for people of all ages.

Likewise, Jamie’s books are carefully designed as helpful learning tools in the elementary classroom and in the home. Parents and teachers of young readers can use the heartfelt stories to practice reading skills, boost comprehension levels, and to introduce and practice different forms of writing.

With a passion for the writing and the art process, Jamie’s main message when she visits groups of students and adults is this: be true to yourself and others, listen to that little voice inside that speaks your passion, and share it with the world. The world will listen.

Take a peek at how Jamie is making learning a beautiful thing…
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